As a startup nonprofit there are many costs associated with keeping things in order. We have been in existence for almost an entire year and have managed to support the organization through our membeship fees and personal investments by all our board members. 

We have also been able to do a lot of outreach and educational training throughout North Carolina during that timeframe, serving over 600 people erving through our collaborative workshops and summits.  Our goal is to create a hub for members which will allow them to individually expand their brands throught content creation.  We understand that many businesses fail because of a lack of marketing and we want to be able to directly effect that by providing the technology members need to get the word out about their products and services. 

That is why we are opening an office that will enable members to have an in-house studio for photography, videography, podcasting and webinar creation all in one.  In addition, we will use our space as a training facility for small groups including our members. There is no other center in the state of North Carolina that is specifically made for this purpose. With your help, we will be the first tech-enabled multi-media facility for women.


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