Our goal is to bring creativity, diversity, and uncoventional learning to the forefont.  We partner with Small Business Centers, Coworking Spaces, and Local Businesses that resonate with our mission. 

Do you have a location you would like us to check out, or would you like to be a sponsor? If so, send us a message and we will see what magic we can make!

women on the glow


Women on the Glow started as a podcast to shine a light on women that NC based Nonpforit Real Glow Getters were inspired by. We decided to take this from just an online pltform to bring the stories of women to the people in the communikty that may not have know about their works. Each luncheon will feature bried interviews with each woman as she tells a story about how she gives her Glow Up to the World.

In addition, we will have a gourmet lunch, music, and shopping from selected vendors and exhibitors with products and services deserving of our audience. Attendees should expect a comfortable, modern, and chic environment filled with great aromas, photos, videos, and interactivity that allows you to leave with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.



Our Spring Theme is Glow Up! Each woman that has been chosen to be honored at this luncheon has made an impact in the community that enables others to shine. We want to let these women know that no matter what others may think, we see you and we salute you.


Honorees will be announced by February 1, 2020. Look back for for announcements! 


past events 


Grow & Glow Series Raleigh, NC 2019

Glow Get It Women In Business Summit 2018

Brown Girls Winning Photoshoot 2018