Entrepreneurs: Prioritize Your Peace

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Every business owner gets pulled in many directions. It can often feel overwhelming if you are making a product, selling it, marketing it, and repeating the cycle over and over. Guess what? There is still more to do, especially if you are a service driven business. You have to not only convince people what you offer is valuable,  secure clients, get steady clients, and what is often left out is actually marketing yourself. 

After having a riveting conversation with Glow Getter Sisterpreneur Monifa Coffee, Editor of Txture Magazine, I realized that I’m not the only one who is a one woman shop. This article is dedicated to those that want to really take time to focus on their business and themselves, while creating a well oiled machine, a.k.a. “Your Dream Business”. 

When you decide to make the conscious choice to Prioritize Your Peace, you need to truly decide on what is the cause of the calamity. 


If you want peace you actually have to add it to the agenda. You may be the kind of person who is really structured and does the same thing everyday, but is still stressed. Routine is great, but at some point it can still be stifling. Try giving yourself a Time Out. Take at least 10 minutes a day to be by yourself with your eyes closed, no interruptions, and just be. The car, bathroom, a closet, wherever you can zone out. Try one of these apps:

Calm is Rated as the 2017 #1 app for Mindfulness and Meditation Calm brings clarity, joy and peace to your daily life through meditation and mindfulness.

Fabulous is a science-based app, incubated in Duke’s Behavioral Economics Lab, that will help you build healthy rituals into your life, just like an elite athlete. It’s here to help you create better habits in 19 days.

Headspace is here to help you reduce stress, stay focused, and boost compassion. This app even has a kid’s segment for parents.

TASK LIST Each day have a list of no more than three tasks to Accomplish. You can choose to start with the one that is going to take the most time or the least. Experts say to start with the most time consuming, but, I say that you need to know your peak time for energy exertion. If you are not a morning person then it may be wise to start with the easiest task and work your way up. You know your levels of energy and that changes daily, so choose to complete your tasks according to your mood.

Understand that your mood may also tell you to wait until the next day. But, that is not going to get the task done and then you are infringing on tasks for the next day. So, even if you don’t “feel” like it, get it done so you can free your mind and move on.

SCHEDULE TASKS Just like a meeting or your lunch time has a set 30-60 minutes, your tasks should have an allotment. Think about how long each task should take and leave time in the day to accomplish them. Of course, I’m going to suggest 90 minutes per day, which can be broken into segments or straight.

REDUCE MEETINGS Literally reducing the number of meetings, duration, and people you meet with will relieve a lot of stress in your life. Part of Prioritizing your Peace comes from less interaction with people. This will easy for my introverts, but seem irrational for my extroverts. However, it really works when you see who is worth the time. If you have a phone meeting send an agenda or talking points ahead of time and keep it to no more than 15 minutes if possible.

Client meetings should take no more than 1 hour. I send my clients a breakdown of how our meeting should go. For example: 15 minutes of Goal Setting/Mind Mapping 30 minutes of Issue Resolution/Tasks to Accomplish 15 minutes of Follow-up items/Summation

This method keeps people on target and allows the conversation to stay laser focused, while addressing needs and setting expectations.

SOCIAL MEDIA Decide on the Frequency of your posts and try to at least put out three posts per day. This can be altered depending on which outlet you are using, but it can be seen as over kill for some. But, look at your marketing in tiers.

Tier 1 – Greeting or Status Update for the day, which could include a Quote, Photo, or Simple Words to adhere to a theme

Tier 2- Directly Marketing a Product or Service with a Link to purchase. You have something to sell every day, so let people know it by posting about it.

Tier 3- Posing a Question or Thought provoking statement that increases interaction. You can do a poll style Q&A and provide limited options to enhance your decision making.

Tier 4- Request a Follow for a specific page. Asking for a Share/Repost/Comment/Tag from your audience will often show you who your supporters are and help spread your message even further with little effort from you.

OUTSOURCE Find someone else to help you with the tasks that are on your plate. It could be as simple as hiring an intern, virtual assistant, or even employing your children to reduce what you need to do.

I hope this has been helpful to you. Let me know which area you need to work on and what you found most helpful. And…if I left something off the list or you have an app that works for you, let me know. Please comment, like, and share with someone else who needs to Prioritize!

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